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Summit is a ministry that will do anything, go anywhere, and try everything without compromising the Word of God, in order to see some come to salvation and others grow and mature in their relationship with Christ.

Do Anything... Summit Camps will do whatever it takes, without compromising the Word of God, to get people’s attention. The programming for the summer camps will be creative in order to be more effective in sharing the Gospel. We intend to provide the highest quality programming anywhere in order to use the best of what God has gifted so that the best results for God’s Kingdom will be achieved. It is our intent to continue to dream big and impossible dreams for the sake of this ever-changing culture.

Go Anywhere... Summit Camps is committed to growth. We will go where there is a need and where God provides. When God says, “Jump!” we will jump. It is the intent of to branch out and start Summit Campgrounds and/or programming in places of need anywhere in the world. Summit Camps will be a group of ministers with the sole purpose of seeking out the leading of God as to where there is a need for a Summit Camp, and then taking appropriate action to see that the vision is fulfilled. No vision will be considered too small, including missions all across America and in many foreign countries. We will also send teenagers and adults on mission trips and extended mission projects throughout the world to advance the Gospel.

Try Everything... Summit Camps will not be afraid to fail. As a matter of fact, we will fail, but we will get up, learn from our mistakes, and keep going. We will take risks, which are really not risks if we are obeying God. A person outside Summit Camps will see the impossible being done, and when that person asks how, we will point to God. The apostle John said that we must be in the world, but not of the world. We intend to walk that line boldly. We will not shy away from getting our hands dirty with the world. We will plunge into the world headfirst. Giving will be a priority for Summit, because we know that when we love and give, we are more like God than at any other time. We will boldly pray that God will bless us, expand our territory, keep us from evil, and place his hand on us. Summit Camps will be known as being radical, zealous, and passionate for God.

Summit Camps, Inc. is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.